Sunday, August 06, 2006


Back at home

I did make it back from Montana, although I sort of fell off the blog wagon there for a while, no? A couple of days after getting back, Alex and I went to Baltimore, then I went on to a conference in Washington, DC. Lots of fun, lots of hot weather, lots of archives talk (hurrah!), but now it's time to get back to work....back to life, back to reality, as Soul II Soul would say. Remember Soul II Soul? I think I had a cassette of one of their albums, inspired by the excellent modern dance performance choreographed to one of their songs, a performance I participated in one summer in junior high. I? Am not so good at modern dance.

A few mountain pictures of Montana . . .

A sunrise over a rock outcropping.

Lovely woods in Gallatin National Forest.

Deep! Walk carefully.

Pretty pink flower.

Alex took many excellent pictures of Baltimore, available here. I took no pictures in D.C., although there was once again a phone in my hotel room bathroom! So here's last year's picture.

Pretty much the same concept.

And here's the cover of my first album. I took this picture in a shuttle in Denver. I think the album will be called United Airlines is Killing Me (A Thousand Different Ways).

Coming soon: the stuff I knitted while on vacation. The yarn I bought on vacation.
Desperate longing for more vacation.

One summer, when the latch hook rug and gimp bracelet electives were not offered at my day camp, I ended up in breakdancing. That was a memorable performance. Maybe we should make a compilation video...
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