Saturday, March 03, 2007


That's hot

It was 55 degrees here on Saturday, which is amazing considering it was snowing earlier this week. Lest we get big hot heads, the temperature will steadily drop this week to a high of like, 12 degrees on Tuesday. But! I am going to Florida where the sun is hot and the bikinis are small. Perhaps by the time I get back it will be springtime in Connecticut (HAHAHAHAAAAA). I had a terrible anxiety dream about United Airlines last night where I kept running and running around an airport building trying to get on my flight. Also, there was a carnival at the airport, which made it even more terrifying.

Down to business: I finished my sweater, and I think it's the best finishing job I've ever done. It only took 12 years to get seams down! (I'm not going to talk about how I broke one of the seams on my way home from work and had to repair it.)

I think it might be a good sign that people didn't say, "Did you make that sweater?" at work. I think "Did you make that sweater?" is code for "Did you really think you could leave the house like that?"

Anyhoo, I like it a lot, although the braided trim is completely unlike the trim shown in the photograph. Whazzah? It looks fine, but it kind of bugs me. There is not a correction on their website. Perhaps I'll write, because the decreases on one side were incorrect (I think) as well.

I also finished these socks in GGH Marathon.

Very denimy, no? I don't remember where I got this yarn but it's been discontinued, so I would guess I bought it quite a while ago. Gives me a bit of stash guilt. They're for me, but my next pair is for my cruise sock buddy, and I learned a new cast-on this weekend. It only took 12 years to learn a second way to cast on!

The knitting cruise is less than two months away. I can't wait.

P.S. Blogger issues may have dropped Susie C. from your RSS reader, so make sure you're subscribed, kay?

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Great job on the sweater! I'm glad to see someone else working on it. I wasn't sure about the V-shape of the body, but it looks really great on you! The dec is definitely wrong, and I wrote them, but there hasn't been a correction posted. I still have 1-1/2 sleeves left to do, but you've inspired me to get back to it!
Have fun in Florida! The weather in South FL is pretty amazing, I have to say.
Good post.
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