Monday, March 26, 2007


Vodka train, coming through

We're back from New York, where Mr. Cupcakes took lots of pictures of our adventures. The cats didn't seem to suffer too much in our absence, other than being very VERY hungry, but that's pretty much the state of things at all times. I thought maybe coming back to M'town would be a bit of an anti-climax, but then, not an hour after we returned, someone got arrested in the parking lot next door! It was much more interesting than watching Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason (Note: I am not at all a chic-lit snob, and love Helen Fielding. But that second movie really falls apart once they hit the Thai prison.). I couldn't tell what the woman next door was being arrested for, but I hope it was something exciting. Lately, the neighbors have seemed a bit more, well, drunk than usual. A couple of months ago I heard one tell another she was hit by "the vodka train." That train sure seems to be making a lot of stops lately.

Ahem. As I wished last week, the snow is almost all melted, except for a few stubborn ice patches here and there. There are even a few crocus buds peeking up. In just five weeks, it will be cruise time! So I've been working on a new top for the warmer weather.

This is the Hopeful pattern, which I highly recommend (and which has been kicking around in my to-do list for at least a couple of years). It's a rather brilliant construction: knit in the round, divided for shoulders, short row sleeves, and a simultaneously knit and attached collar. Also, for every $5 pattern sold, the designer gives $6 to breast cancer research. And it's cute to boot! I'm knitting it in Calmer, which is a dreamy microfiber-cotton blend. Yes, I said dreamy. At $11 a skein, it better be dreamy.

I'm really looking forward to warmer weather, hanging out on the porch, growing new plants, and the continuing adventures of America's Next Top Model.

America turns its lonely eyes to you, Tyra.

That sweater is gorgeous!
Um...Thai prison?

Guess I should read more.
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