Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Spring, sprung

The knitting cruise was a big success. There was laughter, tears, food, drink, slot machines, barf bags, buses, planes, mustaches, boats, yarn, Ico the waiter, and a salt-water swimming pool. And that's just what I can remember! Seriously, it was fantastic. Boats are crazy, especially such a big boat, the W(V)ision of the Seas. Twice as big as the Titanic! That's a mite terrifying. One can only imagine how many people were packed in steerage. I imagine they had a separate dining room, one without a constant flow of "savory bites."

And maybe not with nightly display of animals, sometimes horrifyingly displayed, made up of bathtowels.

My camera (read: I) kind of messed up and my pictures are pretty limited. But here's what the Golden Gate bridge looked when we passed under it at dawn.

And this picture is from the very first day, when we were waiting in the hotel in Los Angeles to let us check in.
Can you feel the stress leeeeeeaaaving?

After 7 wonderful days of vacation, it's back to olde Newe Englande. It's so beautiful right now, though, that it's a little easier to come back.

I'll write about all the knitting and yarn and socks next. But for now, it's just nice to be home with Mr. Cupcakes and the kits. And to feel confident about not finding an unexpected towel animal.

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Welcome back! And, man, are those some tiny feet. (I know, I know, perspective...)
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