Thursday, May 17, 2007


Stash showoff

I showed a little bit of restraint in my yarn buying while on the cruise. This is probably because there was not a yarn store on the boat, and it's hard to buy yarn while at sea. But when we stopped in Victoria, B.C., we had the opportunity to go to Beehive Wool (sorry, link appears broken), a really beautiful store that was understandably very excited to have 70 crazy yarn ladies stop by.

I bought this really pretty "blueberry" shade of Fiddlesticks Zephyr Laceweight wool/silk blend.

It is so soft. Maybe I'll get into lace sometime soon--my stash seems to have a rather large amount of laceweight yarn. You buy a little here, a little there....and suddenly you have 4000 meters of yarn looking neglected.

But I have an obligation to socks, too.

This is Fleece Artist Merino 2/6, and it could not be left behind all by its lonesome in the store. Especially not in those gorgeous green and blue colors.

Next post: all the yarn I got for FREE!

P.S. I can't believe Jaslene won ANTM! I don't remember feeling this disappointed about a winner since...well, ever. It's cool that she's the first Latina to win, I just find her obsession with being a model a little tiresome. Where is the backstory? What are her hobbies? When asked to portray four emotions, this is what she chose:

Okay, drag queen and cha cha diva are essentially the same thing. Sentimental? Or is it "boo boo on my shoulder"? Modelesque is not an emotion. It's not even a word. Except for Jaslene. I will grudgingly admit that she looks a lot like Janice Dickinson in these pictures (especially drag queen), which is AWESOME.

I guess I'm just disappointed that we weren't able to explore the life of a mail-order bride with Natasha. Here's looking at you, Nata.

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I was really surprised Renee didn't make the final two. Yeah, she was old looking, but her picture and commercial were way better than the other two.

I looooove the colors on that sock yarn!
Booooo Jaslene. So anti-climactic.
i have to admit, i only saw the last 4 episodes, in an intense antm-a-thon, but natasha was undoubtedly the cutest. and prettiest. and russianest. and every time they described renee as "old-looking," my stomach would lurch a little and i'd feel about 97 years old.
Not afraid to be the first "man" to comment- But, I would not throw "cha cha diva" and "drag queen" into the emotion bucket either. Good point about the J. Dickinson comparison, as we know the "CW" could not afford her anymore, or her 1's and 0's did not transfer well to the new network. Regardless, they may have been trying to fill a void.
My real thoughts behind Jaslene's "victory" involve ratings... and the huge %increase in the purchase of televisions amongst the ever increasing population of Spanish speaking viewers between the ages of 18-35 tuning in to the CW.
Jaslene was anorexic looking drag queen, I too was disappointed in her win.

The only good picture I saw was the one with the military looking furry hat. The rest of the time she looked like a drag queen. Obsessed with her shortcomings and her voice was irritating to me too.

I would have voted for Renee and I bet you Renee will do a lot better in the commercial world than Jaslene.
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