Monday, June 11, 2007


moving on up

The Cupcakes family has had an exciting week. We chanced upon a listing for a house (a duplex, really) for rent, looked at it, applied to rent it, and were accepted! It is only about 5 minutes from where we currently live, but it has:
Being completely insane, I insisted that we make a pro/con list, listing all the good things (see above) versus all the bad things (slightly more rent, the way we HATE MOVING). The scale was tipped when Mr. C added "Our relationship" to the pro-side. So we're moving within the month!

(We're on the left.)

That hasn't stopped me from knitting, of course. Socks using Mamma-E's Seasick colorway from the cruise.
Mouse is a great (big) model. The pattern is Retro Rib Socks by Evelyn A. Clark, originally in the Winter 2004 Interweave Knits, but also in Favorite Socks. You need to get this book immediately.

I also got some beautiful yarn from the Sweet Sheep, a merino/tencel blend in Poppy (now out of stock).

Mouse was a huge fan, immediately. I might add that it was about 90 degrees that day.

But just look at that shine! Mouse, you have good taste.

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Congrats on the new place and awesome yarn! And good luck moving . . .
Ditto here -- good luck moving and congrats on finding a place. The Lady Archivalist and I have been looking at houses lately as well...for buying, tho, not renting. I guess our move to Maine may last a little longer after all...
Good luck with the move! While preparing for my move, I discovered some yarn that I had forgotten about. Maybe you'll also rediscover some treasures!
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