Wednesday, August 29, 2007


The news

Hi! I've been spending the month of August with Oops, getting to know my new adopted pony daughter a bit better. Now it's almost September and time to send Oops to college. She's eighteen, you know. Have fun and be careful, baby!

But really, I'm at a conference in Chicago, waiting to check into my room and see if there is a toilet phone. I sincerely hope so. The weather is supposed to be gorgeous so I hope I can get out and enjoy it a little. I believe a yarn store or two might be on the agenda. And I brought my new camera so I hope to capture all the excitement and do one of those super long blog posts that annoy y'all. Stay tuned!

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we just came back from chicago where our lovely hotel had its own toilet phone. when we arrived, we discovered we had been upgraded to a fancy-pants suite. (score!) however, i was sad to discover that toilet phones in a suite are just the same as the regular rooms. i had been hoping for a toilet fax.
I met up with Archival Trash at SAA and asked after you. He said you were there, but I never came across you.

I wanted to offer my best wishes in person on your impending nuptials.

Hope you enjoyed the Windy City!
Wait until the Trump hotel is finished -- I'm sure there will be toilet faxes, toilet ticker tapes, and toilet videoconferencing available.
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