Tuesday, November 13, 2007



Okay, so I'm running behind on Nanowrimo. However, in many cultures, November goes on for months (just . . . go with it), and I've decided that my culture is one of those cultures. Honestly, just getting into this project has been enormously fun and interesting, and being forced to write no matter what is the secret. What I'm writing now is incredibly strange and not at all the novel I intended. It seems to be heavily influenced by The Westing Game, which is a little weird. Although huge props to The Westing Game; I can only hope to be half that good.

Speaking of weird, for the past six months, I've been having incredibly vivid dreams every night. Not those kind of dreams, sillies. I should probably start writing them down, because they go something like, "I'm in China and I'm in college and then Paris Hilton is my roommate and then I'm an American Idol semi-finalist and then we get in this plane but then it's a submarine" etc. I'm not on anti-malarial pills or anything! I think I might be just naturally crazy.

Also, I've been knitting, but it's just the same old blanket. The wedding is T-minus 3.5 weeks. Think good thoughts for the completion of this blanket...and for the Cupcakes' Mexican travels. The resort lets you drink and jet ski all day long. It's gonna get interesting.

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Thanks for having posted about NanoWrimo--that's how I learned about it. I'm not brave enough to do it, but my daughter is doing the young writer's version and is having a lot of fun with it!
The Westing Game is one of my all-time favorite books! We read it for school one year and as an assignment had to design book covers . . . many girl had covers that totally gave the twist away! I am still angry about that 15+ years later.

Which is to say, good luck with the writing!
The wife is doing the MFA version of NanoWrimo -- which is WriteEveryDayUntilYourHandsFallOfforYouKillSomeoneFirst.

Good stuff.
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