Thursday, January 03, 2008


2008 comes in like a penguin

Happy new year, peeps. 2007 was a little crazy for me (and maybe for some of you too) in ways good and bad and I welcome the new year with some relief. Mr. C and I had a very nice time in the MSP. It snowed constantly and there was nothing better than sitting by the fire, knitting and drinking coffee (AM) and wine (PM).

I also had the chance to produce a flock of penguins, a creation out of the mind of one of my brilliant co-workers. Everyone should make these on any occasion (parties, holidays, funerals, snacktime, etc.) because they are serious crowd pleasers.

This was my first one, so please forgive this penquin's sloppiness. The penguin is an ingenious combination of a large olive given a seam and filled with cream cheese, a smaller olive for a head, a carrot "coin" with a wedge cut out for feet, and the wedge inserted in the face for a nose. The toothpick works as a spine to hold it all together.

Mr. C immediately took the idea and made the world's cutest penquin:

He used a ziplock with the corner cut to neatly apply the cream cheese. (By the by, the cracker is not moldy, but instead a bizarre onion and herb saltine.)

We had a whole herd ready for the holiday (Swedish sausage-making) party. And yes, that is a roasted red pepper scarf. These penguins were beloved by all but eaten by many and then,

There was only one left. Don't worry, he was eaten soon after this picture was taken.


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OMG, that is just the cutest thing! I'm going to have to try to remember that for next year. What did Mr C do with the top of his toothpick--just trimmed it off?
Looks like Vlad the Impaler got to your penguin herd in that one pic.

Welcome back! How snowy has CT been?
I can't remember my Ravelry name. Oh crap!
Mr. C made his "flying" penguin without a toothpick, but it did compromise the structural integrity. I'd recommend using toothpicks unless your penguin is going to be purely decorative.

And Archivalist, CT is not at all snowy now, but there was a foot or so a couple of weeks ago. I assume Maine has a bit more? :)
Suze -- it was until yesterday (Tues) when it hit 60 degrees (!!) here. And it's 50 right now. Ah, spring...
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