Sunday, January 20, 2008


Monkey monkey

The first of several pairs of socks-in-progress I'll be revealing (exciting!) over the next week. These are Monkey Socks in Cherry Tree Hill Supersock in Peacock. I added an extra pattern repeat to the leg, but otherwise they were knitted as written.

Love the colorway. These are for my ma.

This past weekend Mr. C and I had a very nice visit from my college roommate Emily and our friend Noah (who was also my roommate for a summer, come to think), both from New York. We mostly just hung out, watched reruns of ANTM on MTV and Babysitters Club videos (I could explain, but I choose not to.). I love old friends and falling into the exact same patterns comfortable laziness that were enjoyed ten years earlier.

Also I learned that Sparky is a little minx who loves boys.

Awww, suddenly she's so nice! No wonder she was an unwed teenage mother when we met her.

Speaking of unwed teenage mothers, have you seen Juno? It's fantastic. It's so nice to see a movie with a young teen/woman who has a personality (not just "friendly"), and is interested in things IN ADDITION to boys. Also, the Minnesota license plates really warmed my heart.

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Nice socks! We hung out with some old friends recently, too, and you're right, it's nice to have that feeling.
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