Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Susie (Cup)Cakes

This bakery's name is awfully close to my lovingly crafted alter-ego, but I shall not proceed with a lawsuit, because anyone who makes banana pudding is a force for good. Lack of banana pudding is one of the major flaws with New England.

In other news, I've been doing this "Couch Potato to 5K" program using some awesome podcasts. No matter how awesome they are, though, the fact remains: running is involved. Some notes from the last three weeks:

1. Running hurts the shins, thighs, hips, heart, and soul. It is not unlike my terrible cat, Sparky.

2. Using the treadmill at a gym where the average age of the people around you is 19 can be demoralizing. They are happily lifting one another over their heads with one hand, wearing short shorts and casually doing splits and it can make a 29yo librarian feel a little, um, OLD AND FAT.

3. Sunday's easy-breezy run is Tuesday's painful slog. What will happen on Thursday??? My money's on sloggy-breezy.

4. The gym is continually tuned into VH1, which is constantly showing one of the following:
a. 8 Mile
b. Dr. Drew's House of Pain (this may not be the correct name. It is the correct feeling.)
c. Rock of Love, the world's most appalling show, starring hair-challenged Bret Michaels. Dance offs and lingerie figure prominently. I think it's fabulous, in a fin-de-monde sort of way.

5. I'm seriously kind of into these podcasts. The music is very dance club (a la the Saloon in Minneapolis, my go-to gay dance club, 1997-1999) and the guy's voice is encouraging but not fakey.

Keep me in your thoughts. I'll be the one panting in the corner.

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I'll be cheering you on!
Try being a 41 year-old archivist in the gym...ugh.

And lack of hush puppies is the death blow for New England.
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