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Wow! Susie C. has broken her all-time comments record with that last post. I very much appreciate all the thoughtful replies, and I'm not just saying that because y'all overwhelmingly agreed with me. Mr. Cupcakes and I have resolved to not let wording tear us apart, and I think we can all go on living happily. So thanks!

On Sunday, we went to West Hartford, the swanky city cousin to poor Hartford's country mouse. Recently a "shopping experience" opened, one of those new downtown-like shopping centers that are usually placed next to or in the downtown that was destroyed by shopping centers. We live in dangerous times. But anyways, it also has a super huge Crate and Barrel with an escalator and cool zappy wands that you use to register for gifts!

But you guys, I had no idea that the awesome responsibility would be so overwhelming. In choosing plates, you worry that you will accidently get the kind that can't be microwaved and has to be massaged with a soft cloth rather than tossed in the dishwasher. You worry that you will choose the wrong set of pans, one given only the shameful "recommended with reservations" in Cooks Illustrated, and you will have to live for the rest of your life with a non-ergonomically designed handle or something. In two areas, however, the Cupcakes really excel at making choices: gadgets and drinkware. I think I registered for an avocado splicer or something. And I know we registered for miniature martini glasses. Even so, after an hour we were too confused to look at mini-muffin pans and placemats and decided to do more zapping next weekend.

Any recommendations for "must have" items that I might not think of? I wish you could register for booze.

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Register for booze? Of course you can! Maybe your favorite local wine shop has a registry feature; mine has an online "wishlist"!!
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