Wednesday, May 14, 2008


We seek your opinion

Things that are great:
1. Leaves! On trees!
2. The OC, Season 1. Chrismukkah to Yogalates, it remains a perfect gem. I like to think it ended right there.
3. Obsessively reading Paris guidebooks. I bought three slightly out-of-date ones at the library book sale this weekend, plus one really out of date one (1950). I assume, however, that stuff like Notre Dame and the Catacombs don't change too terribly much in 58 years.
4. Registering for gifts! So materialistic. SO MUCH FUN!
5. String cheese. I forgot how good string cheese is.

Things that are grrrrrr:
1. Mr. Cupcakes and I have a dilemma. In our wedding invitations, on the "info" card, he wants to write
"please be prepared for a short but sweet ceremony, followed by cocktails, dinner, and dancing."
My feeling is that "be prepared" conjures up notions of homeland security, upcoming exams, and boy scouts. Mr. Cupcakes feels that "be prepared" conjures up none of these things, and simply lets guests know to expect. This is ripping our future marriage apart! In his words, "I'm fully willing and able to remove the phrase, but I think you're wrong."

Weigh in, please. Our domestic bliss depends on it! Alex says Buckles is depressed too. I'm simply not prepared for a depressed cat.

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Hm... could something like "expect" or "look forward to" or "anticipate" be an acceptable compromise? I can't take a side, sorry.
String cheese! I gotta take a side with the Val and say "be prepared" makes me scared! How about "We'll celebrate with..." instead? And is noting the ceremony style/length important? My friend didn't say "Expect to sit, kneel, stand, and sit again through a full Catholic mass" on hers. Just sayin'. Yay! Weddings!
"prepare yourself"
"count on"
i also like "look forward to" as previously mentioned.

i'm guessing alex is looking for something less prim than a typical gentle reader/miss manners style wording?
join us for...
look forward to...
take advantage of...

...a short but sweet ceremony, followed by cocktails, dinner, and dancing

should you mention there will be a pretty girl in a white, uh hmmm ivory, dress involved?

also, something about come sober, leave not sober?
ditto on above. i may be breaking a man rule but i agree with you.
CLEARLY, the terrorists have already won. Or the administration. Maybe both.

Submitted for your disapproval:

"Come for the ceremony, stay for the pie"

"Get down with a short but sweet ceremony, a pretty girl in a white, uh hmmm ivory dress, followed by cocktails, dinner, and dancing"


"Party 'til you puke!"

"String cheese!"

"take advantage"

"Remember, marriage is all about sharing and compromise, even when someone is wrong."

It doesn't really conjure up Homeland Security in my mind, but it does seem like you're apologizing for something unpleasant, as in "be prepared...this dental drill *does* make a lot of noise." I like the "we will celebrate with" suggestion.
First off, by commenting, please don't think I'm expecting an invite! :)

I don't think you need to even say it's going to be a short ceremony. And "short but sweet" still has "but," which sounds negative.

I think it's only in the northeast that ceremonies are long, right? I've never been to a ceremony of more than, say, 20 minutes except in Catholic churches in New England.

How about, "A reception will follow the short ceremony." Even more, how about just "A reception will follow the ceremony." Period.

Why qualify it at all? I mean, I don't know any wedding guest who gets upset that the ceremony is too short.
"Be prepared" leaves me hearing that gross song from Lion Kind in my head. You know, the one where those creepy hyenas? I never liked that song. So my vote: no intro bit at all

Why not just write at the bottom of the invite (imagine the spacing being all neatly organized):

A short, but sweet ceremony
followed by cocktails, dinner & dancing
Hey Valex . . . I agree with Jenny and Ms. Four . . . do you really even need to say what will happen at the wedding? I mean, if there were strip-Twister as part of the reception (or ceremony ;-) and you expected all to participate - you might want to mention it . . . or even if, perhaps, costumes were required . . . etc. etc.

If you do decide to mention the ceremony, I feel similarly about the negativity of 'but' . . . and you don't really want folks to feel like they are coming all the way to MN for a ceremony which is going to be too short for them to remember, right?

Anyway - HOORAY for weddings! And MN! I can't wait until July!
The underlying problem appears to be who is right and who is wrong. So, why not start your married life with deciding together on something that feels comfortable to each of you? In 42 yrs. of marriage, DH and I know its all about compromise.

Best wishes!
It's already been said, but my vote is for:

Join us for a...

OR Please join us for a...

OR Expect a short but...
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