Monday, July 28, 2008


getting married makes you busy

I totally failed on the blogging every day mission last week. Sorry! I got all busy with people coming into town and lots of fun social gatherings. In summary (see here for more info):

1) It was a wonderful, exciting, and beautiful day. I was pretty anxious about the whole ceremony (i.e. being in front of lots of people) but it was so sweet and nice to be up there with my honeybunch. Why didn't we do this sooner??
2) My bridesmaids are the hottest ladies in the world.
3) Our friends are such caring, friendly, and gorgeous people. I wish we all lived five minutes from each other.
4)We'll be in Paris in just a little over a day! Lots of blogging potential if I don't wuss out.

Mrs. Cupcakes


Congratulations! And enjoy Paris!!
ha . . . Mrs! I guess that works with Cupcakes! Hope you have a safe trip to Paris! Eat lots of crepes!

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