Friday, July 18, 2008


My promise

In eight days, Mr. Cupcakes and I are going to make it legal. Since many friends won't be able to come to the wedding, my promise is to blog each day, at least until the wedding, and fill you in on how crazy I'm going. I realize that I've probably not even done eight posts this year, but I'm really going to try to document every day at least a little.

Today was my last day of work until August 11, which is a lovely feeling. We have four full days before we leave for the Twin Cities, though. Time to clean up, straighten up, get rid of old things, integrate new gifts--especially kitchen things--into our lives. Right now I have a very large pile of beautiful and thoughtful gifts in the living room. I think I'm a little weirded out about starting to use them before we actually marry. Is it poor etiquette? We've been opening them as they arrive and writing thank you notes (I wrote 18 of those suckers on Monday). And then I ceremonially add them to the pile.

Other issues: last Saturday we went to Brooklyn to visit some friends, and we sat out in Sunset Park all afternoon. It was a gorgeous day, and the park has views of the Statue of Liberty and lower Manhattan. It's a great people watching spot, too. Lots of goofy kids and their goofy parents. I thought we had been sitting out chatting for two hours....but it turned out to be five hours. Five hours of sun on my shoulders. Luckily I don't burn easily but I do tan rather easily. Now I must do emergency tanning correction, so that I don't look like I'm wearing an undershirt under my wedding dress. I bought some Jergen's tanning lotion after doing some super professional librarian research by googling "wedding tan line help!" If random, illiterate strangers recommend it, it's gotta be good.

That's all from Crazytown for today. Tomorrow: VOWS!


Hooray! A blog a day! Better than an apple for my health, I'll say.

About the it worth looking into trying Mystic Tan or the spray/non-UV tan? Might help even out the color. And you have time to test it before next week.

I got the Jergen's Express stuff and did a trial run a couple nights ago. It works crazy-fast if you apply heavily and still fairly fast if you are more prudent and apply lightly. From my oh so scientific research, I'd recommend doing a light application a few days in a row. That way you can blend properly or stop if the fake tan exceeds the real.

I think I have to go do something exceptionally intellectual now that I've spouted off about sunless tanner. And on the day I got my "Macalester Today" too. Oh the inadequacies.
Hmmm, cream vs. spray? I do have to say that all those Dancing with the Stars stars looked fantastic - and I think they got a spray tan each week . . . is there a Sunset Tan near you? (How many reality TV shows can I mention in this comment!)

Last night I saw (for the first time) Rock the Reception on TLC . . . a show about the couples surprising their guests with a fantastically, crazy first dance . . . oh, how I hope you and Alex will do that!!! Especially if the song is by Beyonce or MC Hammer (as were the examples last night! ;-)
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