Tuesday, July 22, 2008



I realized this morning that I never did a blog post for yesterday. This is possibly because yesterday was spent cleaning, changing litter boxes, doing laundry, etc., and it wasn't really all that interesting. Today was spent doing much the same, because tomorrow we leave for St. Paul and the festivities begin!

I am taking "down time" by watching season 3 of Felicity, which is set in bizarro New York, where your dorm suite has about four bedrooms, a living room, a dining room, a kitchen with Sub-Zero type appliances, a working elevator, and gorgeous bay windows. My sister and I used to watch Felicity in her college apartment, which consisted of two bedrooms held together with tape and prayer, a tiny living room, and a kitchen approximately as wide as a fridge. I do not say this to criticize, since my college apartment bedroom was suspended over a parking lot by two old, peeling posts. I believe it was originally intended as an open porch, and at some point they put storm windows in. It was incredibly cold in the winter and hot in the summer. Yet I found it charming and bohemian and infinitely preferable to the school dorm options.

Anyway, we used to watch the show because it was such an idealized version of college life, with impossibly handsome and emotionally attuned young men always at the ready, and quirky--dyed hair!--but warm friends to form a urban pseudo-family. When Felicity has a hangover she looks a bit wan but still has shiny ringlets and rosy cheeks. Kind of like Shirley Temple, come to think of it.

See you tomorrow from the great state of Minnesota!

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Ah, yes. That apartment. It was actually 3 bedrooms held together with tape and prayer. My bedroom was so small that I could touch all four walls from my single sized bed. It was really that tiny. And the shower was one of those showers you put in a camper. I was too big for that apartment. My two 5' tall roommates faired much better as did the 5'4" and 5" mals gymnasts lived downstairs. It was like I stumbled into "petite-sized" living and everyone was too uncomfortable to tell me I had to live in the regular sized apartments.
Best wishes as you leave for your Big Trip! I hope the tanning issues have worked themselves out. We are going there ourselves in a couple of weeks. I'm looking forward to it. I plan to go the Yarnery and the Needleworks Unlimited outlet, but I'm sure you'll be doing other things :-)
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