Saturday, July 19, 2008



Mr. Cupcakes worked on an outline of our ceremony today. We have the basic structure in place, but we still need to flesh out the more personalized parts. Alex pointed out, when we were at lunch today, that a big part of what makes our relationship work is the fact that we are pretty different. Yet, he said, highlighting independence and difference during a ceremony that is supposed to unite two people maybe isn't the way to go. But the truth is: Alex will never want to see movies about street dancing with me. I will never want to play war video games with him. Yet neither of us want to give these things up or deny the other the pleasure of dancing championships in hard-scrabble inner cities. Now I just need to think of a way to say how much I love that without bringing up Save the Last Dance during the ceremony.

In other wedding news (sorry, but this week is just going to be full of it--I'll be done in one week, promise): I unwrapped many of our place settings and the silverware today. Crate and Barrel wrapped the plates in enough paper packing material to ensure that whether the box was kicked, dropped, or run over by a UPS truck, everything would remain perfectly intact. Next time we move we're all set.

Skin tone status: I might be imagining it but it seems like the stuff (for those of you keeping track: Jergen's Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer for medium skin tones) might be beginning to work. If it hasn't taken real effect by mid-way through the week, more drastic measures will have to be taken. Pray for me!

I've read a bunch of books since I last posted a book review but I just finished Empire Falls by Richard Russo and it totally blew me away. Those of you who live in Maine (I think there's just one of you--hi, Pat!) should immediately go out and read this, and the rest of you should too. It's about a man who grew up in small Empire, Maine, and it details the people in his family, his restaurant, and his town with such heart-breaking honesty that you feel like you know the people from childhood. There's also a super mean cat named Timmy, which is awesome. This is the first book I read by Russo--will definitely look for more at the library.

See you tomorrow!

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Empire Falls is one of my favorite books . . . the writing is so amazing . . .

Vows have always seemed so scary to me . . . how can you possibly say everything you are feeling - getting across all those nuances . . . and also keep it all together!? I am sure that whatever you come up with - it will be fabulous . . . I also know I will keep a tissue handy!
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