Friday, August 08, 2008


Paris, Day One

Bonjour, we are back from France! It was a wonderful, magical, beautiful, and delightful honeymoon. To get to our apartment we had to climb something like 88 tiny, differently sized spiral stairs.

The building was probably 17th or 18th century! The apartment itself was adorable. Everything so tiny but perfectly suited to us on our trip. Even the door was tiny. (I'm 5'6", for perspective.)

And the view. Oh, the view.

This is our view when we looked out the window to the left. C'est magnifique! When we arrived and got checked into our apartment (the owners gave us bottles of wine and champagne as a welcome!), we were pretty exhausted. It was only noon but we had been traveling all night. A good nap and we were ready to have a nice dinner.

Ah, our first cafe. I really love the French affinity for sitting around and drinking coffee or wine, just watching passersby and chatting. I read that Paris is extremely dense--20 times more people per square kilometer than New York, so it seems natural that people would become more social . . . .or else go crazy trying to get away from one another.

So that was our first day. Good night, Notre Dame!

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