Monday, August 11, 2008


Paris, Day Three

On this morning (Friday), we woke up late, got some delicious crepes, and went to the Musee de Cluny, aka Musee des Moyen Ages, aka the Museum of the Middle Ages. This was one of the museums we could visit using our Paris Museum Passes. I'm not a huge Renaissance, unicorns and turkey legs kind of gal, but this was a fabulous museum.

So much humor and detail, and the tapestries! Oh friends, the tapestries. I became totally obsessed with "The Lady and the Unicorn," a series of six tapestries about the senses, filled with animals and plants and cheeky references to sensuality. So weird and unexpected.

This towel holder was pretty awesome too.

Following the museum visit, we walked down the Rue St. Germain, window shopping and people watching. We stopped at a cafe for lunch where, if I'm not mistaken, I spent around $14 for a glass of bubbly water. C'est tragique. The euro hurts, my friends.

To soothe our wounds, we went to Musee d'Orsay, which is filled with impressionist and other mid- to late-19th century art. There was a really cool exhibit of daguerrotypes, and some art nouveau furniture.

I don't know what that little cubby was intended for, but wouldn't it be a good place for knitting projects? In my house it would contain a cat within minutes of arriving, but for less catty places, it would be perfect.

After the museum, we walked back home, stopping at a grocery store, where I happened to spy these:

Single-serving (10 cl) real glass glasses of wine! No Capri Sun pouches here. These are a classy people.

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Loves it! More, more! I mean, Je voudrais plus, plus!
What? You weren't obsessed with unicorns at the age of 7-10? (admittedly, I was ;-) That tapestry must have been amazing . . .

And glasses of wine in the grocery store? Classy, indeed.

What kind of crepes did you get?
Val was fond of the Nutella variety, but I went for the chocolate. Both sometimes with banana, sometimes not.

That smoked salmon dinner crepe was not too shabby either.
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