Friday, October 10, 2008



Last weekend Mr. C and I were in San Jose for a wedding. It was our first wedding attended as married people and it felt very emotional. We are both very happy about and for the couple, and I think the emotion from our own wedding came out watching another couple. Is that weird? We were super excited about our own wedding but there was so much to think about, and so much going on that I think we couldn't totally get emotional about it. Watching other people take that big step was sort of cathartic. Also, they were really funny and had fabulous food and good music. I can't believe I neglected to play "Bizarre Love Triangle" at my own wedding! I need to make a note of it for the 50th anniversary celebration. The grandchildren will be horrified.

Other than that, we've been treading water to stay afloat. Work is nuts and it's hard to get up in the morning. I alternate between acceptance and depression about current conditions. I think, in reflection, that I am really homesick most of the time. Homesick for the Twin Cities, and homesick for North Carolina. Homesick for friends. Not as bad as when listening to a single Death Cab song sent me into floods of tears, but a bit of glumness about New England life. Which is really not fair to this beautiful, strange, and gay-marriage friendly area of the country. I mean, the cheese! The maple leaves! Hell, the maple syrup. Good stuff. We have friends coming into town this weekend and next, and Rhinebeck is coming up soon. Woolly sheep are beautiful.

It's all good. It's October in Connecticut and the cats are fat. Harvest time, yo!

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Fall really is the best time of year. The leaves are great here in ME, the weather a bit warm for October, but at this time of year I miss the South. Where fall lasts two or three months, not, you know, six minutes.
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