Friday, October 31, 2008



Happy Halloween!I am waiting on the porch for trick or treaters to arrive, and eyeing the bowl of candy. I've eaten so much Halloween candy in the last few days, Alex has had to purchase supplemental candy. No self control, I tell ya.

But guess what: tomorrow is November 1, and that is the start of Nanowrimo. Some of you may remember that I attempted the 50,000 word goal last November and flamed out within a week. Dudes. 50,000 is a lot. I considered trying again this year, but between my general malaise and my renewed zeal for knitting, I don't see it happening.

Then I had a brilliant idea this morning: why don't I blog every day for a month? For realsies? What a SMART Goal . . . uh, specific, manageable, aaaaaaaaa-something, realistic, and time-based! These may not be the actual qualities of SMART goals, but whatever, the point is: I will blog every day for a month. I started trying to think of the right acronym . . . NaBloWriMo? NaBloMo? Oh wait. Never mind. It's NaBloPoMo, and someone smarter and faster already started it! Okay then . . . time for Halloween beverages, and see you tomorrow!

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Tell me about Halloween beverages. Drinks like Witches' Brew? Pumpkin Beer? Orange Colored Cream Soda?

Or perhaps a more classic choice: WINE.
Yep, the classic choice. For a classy lady.
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