Saturday, November 01, 2008


November 1

Well, not much time to blog this morning--we're about to leave for New Haven, to take a train to New York and attend my college roommate's baby shower. Should be fun, as it's the only baby shower I've ever attended at a bar. Promises to be awesome!

We had many kids come to our door last night trick or treating. The little Supergirl, spider boy on a leash, and the 7-year-old James Bond were my favorite costumes. Nice to see neighbors out, and some were even stationed at either end of the street, warning people to slow down. We live on a short, residential street but people generally feel compelled to figure out what their zero-to-60 time is. All the kids, cats, and dogs walking around just make it more exciting!

Okay, time to catch good old Metro North! See you tomorrow.


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