Tuesday, November 11, 2008


November 11

Today I had to go to the drug store and pick some stuff up, and I stopped by the makeup section. I adore the drug store makeup section, from the Wet 'n' Wild to the bizarre Physician's Formula multi-colored powders (I see that Physicians Formula has the hilarious slogan "Your Eyes Won't Believe Your Face." This works on the assumption that your eyes and face are separate, and disagreeable, entities.). Today I bought some mascara and what proclaims to be Superstay Lipcolor. It says it will last for 16 hours. We will see if that's true at 10:20am tomorrow morning. I love the promise of new products, that they will Change Your Life. Or at least your lip color.

I don't wear a ton of makeup but I love reading about it. I've been subscribing to Allure since forever, as it's the only magazine I've seen that takes beauty stuff seriously, analyzing things down to their scientific properties and social implications. The thing is, it's not pretending to be the Economist. It fully assumes that if you want to learn about computers and computer-generated hot ladies, you will subscribe to Wired; if you want to know about annoying modern artists and experimental chefs, you will subscribe to The New Yorker, and if you want to know about self-curling mascara, you will subscribe to Allure. Just this past month, I learned about a hairspray that is regarded by hairstylists as the world's most perfect hairspray: Elnett. You guys, it can hold a shape YET you can comb through it! People used to smuggle cases of it from Europe! Just wait until I get my hands on it. Life will never be the same.

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That is funny about the hairspray. In terms of the mascara, do tell--what brand is self-curling?! BTW, I had been tied up but am going to the post office to send you your goodie today!
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