Wednesday, November 12, 2008


November 12

I feel wretched today (combination of work stuff and, uh, work stuff) so today I want to think about vacations. In the last year I flew someplace about once a month, including four trips to California, five trips to Minneapolis, and one amazing trip to Paris. There were also a lot of shorter trips to places like Baltimore, Charlottesville, New York, and Newport RI. Now that I've gotten in the habit of traveling semi-frequently, I want to do more of it.

Ten places on my list:

1) Hawaii: Wheel of Fortune is in Hawaii this week!
2) Greece: I've wanted to go to Greece for a long time, for reasons I'm not entirely sure about. It may have happened the first time I ate dolmades. Every time I see a sun-soaked photo of the Aegean coast, I wish I were there. I also enjoy the Greece scenes in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (shut up).
3) Italy: see Greece, plus pasta. Under the Tuscan Sun is like travel porn. If only I lived in a 14th century villa with vineyards and olive trees!
4) Argentina: just want to. Hilly, with interesting knitwear.
5) Australia: I loved In a Sunburned Country and I would love to visit. It seems super-weird.
6) New Zealand: Flight of the Conchords, duh!
7) South Africa: completely fascinating.
8) Morocco: I like mint tea.
9) India: Love the colors, food, history, architecture. Also, my BIL has relations there so maybe I could crash.
10) Scotland: Ewan McGregor! In a kilt?

Where do you want to vacay? And can you get me cheap tickets?

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