Thursday, November 13, 2008


November 13

I'm exhausted so: BLOG! You're it.

What should I make to bring to Thanksgiving dinner?
must be able to be made two days ahead of time
must be able to survive a 14 hour car ride headed south without refrigeration, although use of cooler may be allowed


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Are you eating with us? You are welcome to assemble/cook something in our oven! That sounded wrong but you know what I mean...
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yes! do what david says. i'll be your little sous chef!
I highly recommend a roasted squash polenta with caramelized onions ...although to make it really yummy you'd have to add lots and lots of goat cheese (because goat cheese makes everything better). I guess that doesn't solve the non-refrigeration issue.
Jellied cranberries in a can. DONE AND DONE!
Yeast Rolls from Golden Corral.
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