Sunday, November 16, 2008


November 16

Maybe it's the stormy November weather, or just a generally dour mood, but I've been very much enjoying mysteries lately. Alex and I continue to watch the Inspector Lynley mysteries, and we picked up a Wire in the Blood DVD at the library yesterday. So creepy! And the Wire in the Blood episode gave me my first exposure to tight Burberry swim trunks. I can't say I support it. Tartans and chlorine seem an unnatural mix.

I also checked out some mystery novels, including Jon A. Jackson's The Diehard. It was written in the 1970s and takes place in Detroit, but it has that quick hard-boiled Hammett dialogue I have grown so fond of. There are a bunch more in the series, so I'll be getting some of those next time.

Sunday nights always make me feel kind of glum. Luckily, we're watching a couple of Arrested Development episodes and knitting. Always cheers me up.

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Just watched the Cornballer episode again -- HA! "It burns!!"
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