Wednesday, November 19, 2008


November 19

Today is a very important day. It is the

It is a day that only comes once (well, twice) a year and it means it's time to say goodbye to another batch of crazy eating-disordered, mentally unstable, and self-obsessed close personal friends of mine. As I expected, two of the three ladies I selected as finalists have been eliminated. The final choices are Analeigh (my only pick left and I still like her), a strange young woman who calls herself "McKey" and developed a sudden European accent last week, and a yippy hyper lass called Samantha. Unlike past seasons, I neither loathe nor love any of them. That's not right! Tyra, please think about how you can spend more time editing the show to make your loyal viewers despise or celebrate en masse! And please reconsider your acting "teaches"--I've seen finer acting in the productions my brother and sister put on using a video camera back in Fargo. My performance as "Mother" in 1989's A Kitten for Christmas is on par with your teaches, and that is not good. And please reconsider using the word "teach" when you mean "lesson."

Actually, keep saying teach. It just wouldn't be ANTM without mangled grammar. Love ya! Mwah!

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So, what did you think????? I was totally pulling for Analeigh! Then she sadly got eliminated. Arg. I do like some of McKey's pics though . . . it certainly would have been more interesting if Isis would have stayed around a bit longer!
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