Sunday, November 02, 2008


November 2

We had a great time in New York yesterday, seeing old friends. Em looks terrific and she is definitely much bigger than three months ago at my wedding. Can't wait to see lil baby in December when she makes her debut. I tried to capture the bump on my cell phone, but seeing as I have only recently mastered the text message, the photos didn't come out so well. Luckily, Alex took a picture of me taking a picture of the bump.

The party was in the Quarter Bar in Brooklyn, which is a pretty great idea for a baby shower. No smoke, drinks for those who drink, drinks for those who don't, and delicious food. The weather was mild and in the low sixties and we could even eat on the back patio!

Noah and I enjoyed some samosas and talked about movies, as we both enjoy the more bizarre fruits of 1970s and 80s cinema. I tried to remember the name of the movie with Jamie Lee Curtis and John Travolta as (what I believed were) dueling aerobics instructors. I remembered this morning: Perfect. From the synopsis, it appears that it was male reporter vs. aerobics instructor.

Hello, Netflix!

Today has been quiet, but I am blocking out my newly completed election day sweater: the Obama Mama Victory Sweater. Photos tomorrow!

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I didn't see it, but I vaguely remember the movie. I never knew why it had a Rolling Stone-esque magazine cover for the promo poster, until now.
Can't wait to see the sweater! I'm so nervous!!
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