Thursday, November 20, 2008


November 20

Lately I can't even sit down without a cat climbing into my lap, by my side, and on my feet. Every time I go to the bathroom, Mouse is shrieking at the door the second it closes, and Buckles likes to lie on my ankles at night. He weighs almost 20 pounds, so it's not unlike dumping a dozen textbooks on my feet. But they are textbooks that poop and chase one another at 4am.

However, there is something unquestionably nice about a heater bug in the bed on cold nights. They are so sweet and comforting. Even with their fish breath.

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the thing i miss most about having a cat is when they lie on your back -- that's my favorite.
Stacey and Rowan have been so lovey lately too! So cuddly!. . . they have, however, learned a new trick over the past few weeks: balance/teeter on the headboard of the bed and reach down with a paw (complete with sharp claws) to bat my face until I wake. Nice.
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