Friday, November 21, 2008


November 21

Wheeee! Weekend! I am hap-hap-happy to be at the beginning of the weekend, and know there are only two days of work next week. On Wednesday, we are saddling up and heading down North Carolina-way to see friends and BABIES (YAY!) and eat all the food we miss so much. Neomonde grape leaves sandwiches, Elmo's huevos rancheros, and just about everything at Weaver Street Market. Diet starts, um, Monday after Thanksgiving.

I came home to a new US Weekly, and thank god it didn't have the Obamas on the cover like the last two weeks. While I love the Obamas, I do not care to see them in US Weekly. It's rather like seeing your parents at a kegger: completely inappropriate and wrong. This week it's all about how Angelina is a cruel minx and Jennifer Aniston is a sad victim and Brad Pitt is helpless in the hands of such powerful women. While I have serious reservations on the implications of this (vis a vis virgin/whore dichotomy), I truly much prefer learning about how Angelina's interview with Reader's Digest (!) totally hurt Jennifer's feelings. Reader's Digest, really? Did she read it at her grandpa's house or something?

Did I mention I love the weekend?


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