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November 23

Ladies, can anyone recommend a clothing manufacturer that makes really nice fitting pants for those of us with more zaftig figures? I am tired of pants that are the same diameter at the waist as at the hips, meaning pants that pull unflatteringly across the hips, or pants with a waist gap. I'm looking for (preferably) wide legged wool trousers. I'm thinking Katharine Hepburn. She would never tolerate hip-pull or waist-gap. WWKHD?

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I believe KH would have tailor. I think that so many women would have improved body image if we all had our own tailors (much like our own stylists and aestheticians). Why do we have to try to fit our different shapes into cookie cutter clothing?

The world sometimes!

In the meantime - I find that The Limited works well for work pants for me. Sometimes H&M, too.

And for jeans - LOVE Makes shopping much more easy breezy.
I've had luck with Banana's Jackson fit. Anything called "contour" or "curvy" is worth a shot; boot cut also seems to work okay some times.

Have heard good things about the Limited's Editor pants, but they haven't worked for me. I used to love JCrew chinos/cords, but it's more hit or miss lately. With them, look for words like "eased through thigh." It's so gentle...eased.

As you might gather, pants that fit are my holy grail, so once I find something that works I lock in on it.

On another clothing pain point... I just found the world's best bra for the more, um, diminutive among us... the Maidenform Smooth bra: Cannot recommend enough. It really does disappear under clothing. Magic!
I think the key is to figure out which type of waist fits your body, which has to do with your hip to waist ratio. I would recommend going to a store like the gap and trying on different waist cuts. In my experience, there is no one maker that works for all zaftig ladies, because we still have different shapes, even if we technically wear the same size. Good luck and godspeed.
I do really well with Eileen Fisher
May I suggest a surprising solution? Get pregnant! They make weirdly flattering yet also ginormously elasticized pants you will never want to give up. Problem solved.
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