Wednesday, November 05, 2008


November 5

Whew. That was quite a night. I am very glad to hear that a puppy will be moving to the White House!
I promised to show the Tangled Yoke today, and I can show it to you in pre-wearing state. My photographer husband (oooh, just like a supermodel!) is indisposed at the moment, i.e. taking a nap because we stayed up late watching election coverage.

First of all, I love the pattern and love the way the yarn worked with the pattern. The heathered reddish orange yarn (Frog Tree Alpaca Sport Melange) is soft but still lets the cable definition come through.

I blocked the sweater on old beach towels on a futon. It took forever to dry--it probably needed at least 48 hours to completely dry, along with several changes of towels. This really surprised me because
a) alpaca is water resistant
b) it is low humidity in the house
c) there is a radiator directly below the futon

I did notice some paw prints on the sweater, perhaps from helpful friends. Maybe they slept on it and prevented it from drying. Never underestimate the appeal of smelly, damp wool for a nine hour nap. At least, according to Mouse, no regular nap can even come close to the damp wool nap for pure sleepy satisfaction.

In any case, it took its own sweet time drying. But it was totally worth it. The sweater fits beautifully. My only issue is that the buttonhole side of the button band pulls against the buttons (wait till you see them--so pretty!) and gives me a "bust-a-fazoo" Mae West look, when in reality, the sweater fits well. I think the yarn is a bit more delicate than that used in the pattern instructions, so it is more prone to stretch. Would a ribbon applied to the reverse side of the buttonhole band prevent that? Does anyone have any experience with dealing with this issue?

Oh my goodness, only 42 minutes until ANTM! Time for a glass of wine!

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Mouse looks really good at that angle...slender and youthful.

And purdy sweater, Sister! But I don't understand this "bust-a-fazoo" look you mention. Is it like "peek-a-boob" - the phenomenon that occurs when buttons are spaced in such a way that your bra totally shows out the side in a button-down shirt?
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