Thursday, November 06, 2008


November 6

Our front entry way is dripping! Today's rain has compromised the already questionable quality of the roof in that area and now we have our own peaceful dripping noise, and we didn't even have to order anything out of SkyMall! We are so lucky . . . to rent, not own, this pile of sticks.

I made some mittens this week using some Noro Cashmere Island I bought back when we visited California in October. I bought two skeins at Elisabetta in Los Gatos. The yarn was certainly an indulgence but totally worth it. I also figure that yarn is like my souvenir from travels. (I can justify many yarn purchases this way, since there is not a yarn store in my town, therefore all yarn purchases are made during "travels.")

These are made from the same colorway (separate skeins), and I love how different they look. The color repeat is sooooo long, it probably doesn't repeat for the whole 110 yards of each skein. This would probably drive some people up the wall, but I love the unpredictability. The yarn is so deliciously soft and slubby. I wanted to eat the colors!

Sparky was less thrilled about the colors.

All I can say is, good thing I was wearing mittens.

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