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November 8

Thanks for the nice comments, Woodburys! You are sweet.

I realized that I hadn't done a blog post today, and thought eek! What will I write about? After some thought, today I will write about Autumn 2008 Obsessions: TV Edition:

1) Tabitha's Salon Takeover: Combines my love of business criticism with my love of no-nonsense Australian ladies, with a dash of self-help-ism. I just like how she rejects crying, unclean sinks, and poor retail sales. I now totally understand how I come home with $13 hair messer-upper ("make it beachy!") every time I get a hair cut.

2) Inspector Lynley Mysteries: Oh, PBS, you burned me bad with my up-close-and-personal experience with History Detectives (short version: I submitted a mystery which was produced but I was cut from the segment. Blerg!). I cannot watch History Detectives anymore and due to Monday night proximity, I only rarely watch Antiques Roadshow, which is real shame because I adore the touchy-feely-blondy Keno brothers. But Sunday night is dreamy wonderful Mystery! night (excuse me, Masterpiece Mystery) hosted by Alan Cumming who will always be rubber millionaire dancer Sandy Frink. (Let's pretend that his personal fragrance thing wasn't quite so unsavory.) Inspector Lynley is a wealthy British detective who is paired with a more working class partner whom he secretly loves but shares instead a firmly platonic relationship based on murderer-hunting. It's like Mulder and Scully but in London with fewer aliens but more sexual predators. Fun!

3) Jeopardy!: This show is super old-school and I know two people who have been contestants and say Alex Trebec is kind of an ass, but I have really enjoyed watching during the last couple of months. It started with loving the nerdy college tournament and then continued into the regular selection of nerdy adult contestants. I like that many of the questions are legitimately difficult. However, from the last couple of months, I see certain trends. If you were to go on the show, for example, you would want to study the following topics: English royalty, French literature, Italian opera, Academy Award winners, U.S. presidents and first ladies, and dog breeds. It's also helpful if you know the first lines of mid-to-late-19th century English and American novels. You also need some weird anecdotes to talk about during the "chat with the contestants time." Something about how you have been attacked by birds, mistaken for a celebrity, or swallowed by a whale is ideal. My story will be about how I was smothered by cats.

What are you watching these days?

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That is so lame about History Detectives.

I'm watching the usual: NBC Thursday comedies, Pushing Daisies, VH1 idiocy (the latest Charm School). I just discovered ANTM reruns on Fridays, which is awesome b/c I work Wednesday nights and have missed it.
We watch Antiques Roadshow religiously, even though we make fun of it. Magnum PI is in heavy rotation. And I started reading Inspector Lynley books and they are awesome!
Lynley is ok, but if it's sexual chemistry and sadistic murderers you want, then check out Wire in the Blood. (I'll post a Netflix update soon w/ my thoughts on this show.)
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