Sunday, November 09, 2008


November 9

Oh blog! You are starting to harsh my mellow. It's pretty late so I will just give a quick update of today: morning pumpkin muffins, afternoon walk on the beach (we call it the shore here in Connecticut; if you call it the coast you get eye-rolls/stabbed), then Bethany, Alex and I made an intense Jamie Oliver squash risotto with fried sage. We were supposed to see Jamie Oliver talk today but his flight was delayed, which is sort of lame. Can you imagine two cities with more flights between them than London and New York? But I will forgive Jamie because he is adorable and the risotto was fantastic.

Tomorrow is Mondayyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Sorry to be all "case of the Mondays!" but yuck. Hope you all had a good weekend. See y'all tomorrow!

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