Wednesday, January 14, 2009



Two sammies:
1) There's a deli near my work that I occasionally go to, usually when I have forgotten to bring lunch. They have about a million specialty sandwiches and types of bread and kinds of soup and it's sort of fabulous, if a deli near work can be fabulous. I'm torn, though, because although I think the food is very good, it is very slow, and without prominent signage about how to line up to place your order, people get confused and harried, and it brings back horrible flashbacks of when I was a waitress in an airport and people were mean. (Also, I was a truly horrible waitress, but that's another story.) I was behind a student in line one day that almost lost it when her roast beef sammie appeared to disappear into the abyss behind the counter. The guy who runs the shop is very avuncular, though, and asks all his customers questions and knows them and tends to put people at ease. I need to learn how to ignore angry, stressy people around me, because if I am out to eat and someone at another table is unhappy, I am not only very aware of it, but I observe nervously and forget that I am, you know, out for a nice meal and it doesn't really matter if a stranger doesn't like her potatoes.

2) I have been watching The Biggest Loser which is hosted by Sami from Days of Our Lives. I caught a few episodes over the holidays and it reminded me how much I love Days. I loved Passions very much more, passionately in fact, but it is dearly departed. Days is also delightful, though. So many torrid glances! So much smell-the-fart acting! Anyway, Sami has been on that show forever as a huge brat, but on The Biggest Loser she is very empathetic with the people. I'm not sure I can keep watching, though. Unlike a show like The Bachelor, in which you think the people kind of deserve what's coming, these people are genuinely in a tough situation, so there can be no pleasure in elimination.

I do enjoy all the numbers, though. The most percentages in primetime!


I was going to blog about Sami today, too! And now I did it and it looks copy-ish, but oh well.

I would have been happy if that one woman Bob yelled at would have been kicked off. But my heart has a dark center.
I was never a Days watcher - however, I really enjoy the Biggest Loser - so motivational for some reason. And Laura, I DID notice she is crying more . . . good call!!!
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