Saturday, June 13, 2009


yer a harlot

Greetings from Dublin! Alex and I arrived early, very very early on Thursday morning after a flight from Boston. I am sorry to say that Aer Lingus no longer gives you free booze but they do have a tv monitor for each seat, so you can watch movies and tv and play games. Frankly, I prefer the booze but any port in a storm and all that. After we arrived at 4:45 am, we had to wait until 6 when our rental car place opened. During that time, Alex realized he had left his camera bag on the plane. After a series of phone calls, it appeared that maybe the camera had set off for a new Irish life. Luckily we still had 3 cameras on our person.

After picking up the car, we drove up to Newgrange, because when you're sleep-deprived and disoriented, I think it's best to drive very narrow roads on an unaccustomed side, and then visit a 5,000 year old monument. After I stopped cringing and tensing everytime we swept past some brush and nearly collided with trucks (sorry, lorries), I realized that Alex is AN AWESOME DRIVER. Which I already knew, of course, but he is totally set for a serious run on the Amazing Race.

Newgrange was as spooky and weird as I remembered and the weather was lovely and green. Seeing sheep and sunshine is quite a restorative. After our tour and some rest, we drove back down and through Dublin to Dun Laoghaire, where our b&b is. It took us so long to actually locate the house on the confusing, narrow streets that I started to sadly accept that we may have to live in the Ford Fiesta, possibly forever. Ah, but then it appeared! A hot cuppa and some raisin bread, followed by a three hour nap was as refreshing as splash in the cold Irish Sea. Alex and I voyaged into Dun Laoghaire town for some dinner and a Cork Dry Gin and Tonic.

(Jenna: CDG is as prominent as ever, and seems to be the standard rail pour for gin at most bars. Did they used to bring the glass with ice, gin, and lemon, and give you a miniature tonic water bottle to add it yourself? I don't remember that . . . but I don't remember a lot about Ireland 1999!)

After a good sleep we ate an absolutely enormous breakfast (a good Irish fry for Alex with 3 or 4 meats, a huge bowl of porridge for me, plus bread and fruit). We then went into Dublin for more adventures . . .

My internet time draws to a close, but more soon!

btw, "yer a harlot," is what I heard a man say to his lady friend as we were walking yesterday. Now my man friends says it to me quite a bit, with a special Irish lear . . . "Yer a harlot, I tell ya!"

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Yay, Irish blogging. Keep it coming, harlot!
You must be patronizing the classy bars, cause I don't remember the mini tonics either. (And I'd think I would, given my love of mini-everything.) Do you think they'd get suspicious if your tiny tonic lasted through several drinks?
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